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My 5 Favorite Kitchen Gadgets To Save You Time and Effort

If you know me, you know I love to cook. My undergrad degree is in biology and I like to think I bring my experimental mind to the kitchen [LOL]. That said, there are days when I just don't have the energy to put into an elaborate meal. Here are my top 5 picks for kitchen gadgets that will save you a ton of time and effort.

I know, not new technology. But, it is so fast, so simple and so easy to clean. I cook everthing from chicken and tofu to veggies and chickpeas in my air fryer. This one is easy to use, small enought that it fits in my NY apartment and there are only three possible parts to clean at the end (I usually only use two). The only effort required is to shake the basket or flip the food once.

First off, I LOVE rice. Any kind of rice - white, jasmine, brown, black, wild. Doesn't matter. The best part is, this rice cooker will cook any grain perfectly. I use it for farro, bulgar, almost any grain. It's SO SIMPLE and always comes out exactly right. The included instructions make sure your ratios of grains to liquid are correct so all you have to do is fill it up and press a button.

Ok fine, this one requires more than pushing a button, BUT you get a perfectly chopped salad every single time. All you have to do is put the ingredients in the huge bowl (I do chop some of my veggies into someone smaller pieces before hand), and use the roller back and forth. If you have sturdier veggies like peppers, carrots, mushrooms, cucumbers, etc. it might take a little bit more muscle, but it's definitely worth it. I think chopped salads are much easier to eat and there's a higher change you get a small bite of each goodness in every forkful.

If you know me, you know I pride myself on my poached eggs. So it might surprise you that I love this gadget so much. But seriously, it's the best. You can do soft, medium or hard boiled. You can do can a small omelette. You can do poached. And it requires NO WORK. All you do is plug it in, add water to the bottom plate (the container provided gives you lines depending on how you are cooking your eggs) and press the button. They come out perfectly every time and it automatically times for you based on the amount of water you add. GENIUS.

If you hate chopping, this is for you. I use it to chop onions and hot peppers almost every time so I can avoid the tears. It also purees and is perfectly sized since I only cook for two people. If you need to size up, do it. It's worth it. I also use it to make quick guac or pico, I use it for my energy balls and again this one only has three pieces to clean.

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