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The Quickest Way to Improve Your Self Talk

There's no escaping it - we are, without a doubt, stuck in our own heads forever. This means our self talk is one of the most important things when it comes to our happiness, inner peace and confidence.

So why are most of us so mean to ourselves??? There are so many reasons - social media, stigmas around what we "should" look like, influencers telling us how to live our best lives, and countless others. It's so hard to be kind to ourselves in a world where everyone is ultra-available and anyone can make any comment on [almost] anything.

As humans, we strive for perfection. And that can be a GREAT thing sometimes. Other times, it can really get to our heads. It can create a lot of negative self talk when we feel like we aren't perfect according to whichever media outlet, influencer or edited photo we choose to look at that day.

So, how do we fix it??? The quickest way to improve your self talk is to talk to yourself like you're talking to someone you love. It doesn't matter if it's a spouse, partner, sibling, friend, parent, etc. You wouldn't look at one of those people in your life and say "Wow, you don't look like that model." Or "Jeez, you're the worst because you didn't workout today." What about, "You're an idiot for making a mistake like that!"?

You get the point. You wouldn't treat SOMEONE ELSE you love like that so why are you treating yourself like that?? Start by simply noticing when there is negative self talk going on up there. Then, reframe it so you are talking to someone you love.

So instead of the three examples above we could say: "Wow, you are beautiful in your own right" and think of all the things you love about yourself. Or, "Rest days are SO important and I am doing my body good by resting and refueling". Finally, you could think "Mistakes are a commonality amongst humans. I am grateful for this learning experience and now I know better".

If we can learn to talk to ourselves like we are talking to someone we love, our own heads become such a kinder and more pleasant place to be ❤️

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