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Why Gratitude is the BEST Way to Transform Your Mindset

On the surface, the world is FULL of negativity. We tend to fall into a negative mindset because we have so much exposure to it - whether it's by turning on or reading the news, talking to a friend or family member who is super negative or spending too much time on social media. There are countless ways to fill our worlds with tons of negativity.

This really takes a toll on our mindsets and mental health. It's so hard to get out of this pessimistic and gloomy view. So, how do we break the cycle?

I have found the most effective "cure" is gratitude. Ok, fine - cliché, I know. But, it works every single time. I'll give you a personal example...

I recently found out I needed steroid injections in my back for a degenerative back injury. I was super bummed at first. I wasn't able to workout like I'm used to and it hurt ALL the time. I got into a mindset of complete despair. I was sure the injections wouldn't work and my entire routine would have to change.

Once I realized I was in this negative loop I knew I had to stop. I decided to write down all the good and positive things I could think of about the situation. It went something along the lines of: I'm so lucky I have the opportunity to have access to a doctor that can help me; I have become a better personal trainer for my clients because I had to modify my own exercise plan and learn new techniques which will benefit more than just me; I am still able to move and see the world and do all the things I hold most dear to my heart.

After taking a look from a different perspective, I was able to change my mindset about the entire situation. And guess what? Practicing gratitude each day will help break through the negativity in everyday life. If we can learn to see what is good or what we can learn from a situation instead of just seeing the downside, we start to teach ourselves it isn't the situation that matters, it's how we react.

Are there any situations in your life you can practice gratitude with? Itf you don't have anything specific, start with thinking about/writing down three things you are grateful for either in the morning or in the evening. You can also do this throughout the day. Take a moment to notice the leaves changing colors, someone holding the door for someone else, a smile from a stranger and be thankful you got to witness such a small piece of the goodness that fills our world but is sometimes obscured.

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